Your Source For USA Made M14s and Parts!


Digitally Machined

Every receiver and component is expertly machined to the tightest tolerances available for your perfect battle rifle.

American Engineered

Engineered, Forged and Machined here in the USA.

Computer Perfected

Crafted using the latest in high tech, multi-axis CNC software and machining.

Our SEMI AUTOMATIC M14 is hammer forged from certified American made 8620 bar stock steel. The forgings are then CNC machined on the best, computer controlled equipment in the industry with tolerances held to one thousandth of an inch or less. Receivers are heat treated to the following mil-spec: Carburized to case depth of .012 to .018.

Core: Rockwell hardness C28 to C42.

Surface: Rockwell hardness C52 to C55.

Finally, we offer a great price savings with a top notch product, receivers are parkerized to mil- spec, with detail to color and finish. We copied the TRW original design and referenced USGI ARSENAL blue prints, the best ever made. We can build a rifle from standard USGI to a full match rifle. We also offer barreled receiver assemblies! We sell a complete line of M14 parts on the complete rifle, if you don’t see it, just call!